If you wish to subscribe to the IRIS Online Services, you are required to complete the application form and the direct debit authorization form and send the completed forms together with payment for the following fees and deposit to the Land Registry:

  • application fee (HK$1,500)
  • fee for Supplementary Login ID (HK$750 each)
  • deposit (minimum HK$500)

The deposit serves as a guarantee to the Land Registry that fees of services rendered to the subscriber through the IRIS Online Services can be recovered. The amount of deposit payable is calculated based on 2 months' usage estimated by the subscriber.

Search of land register / Ordering of land document per month
= 200 land registers / 50 land documents

Deposit payable = HK$25 per land register x 200 x 2 months +
HK$100 per land document x 50 x 2 months
= HK$20,000

The applicant will receive the application result via email.

For enquiries, please call the Customer Service Hotline on (852) 3105 0000 (press 2 > 1 after selecting language).