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The Land Registry
Hong Kong
  Date: 29/11/2022  Time: 13:29

IRIS Online Services Web Site is a one-stop electronic service platform of the Land Registry for providing the general public and the subscribers an easy and speedy way to access property information in Hong Kong.
IRIS enables you to browse, download or order land registers or copies of documents, up to 30 orders for each transaction. Service fee is payable by PPS or credit card. Please select the service you need from the menu bar on the left. To use the services, please click here for a quick reference of the recommended equipment requirements.
Operation Hours:
  Everyday (including Sundays and public holidays) : from 07:30 hour to 03:30 hour next day
Service Hours for Search Land Register, Search Unposted Memorial Information and Order Land Document :
  Everyday (including Sundays and public holidays) : from 07:30 hour to 02:30 hour next day
The information set out in the Land Register and Unposted Memorial Information is updated at 07:30 hour every day.
IRIS Online Services Help Desk: (852) 3105 0000
For details of the recommended configuration, please refer to Online Help.

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